Date: 2013-03-17

  FIXED: Joined query does not use translated fields.
         (resolves issue #162)

Date: 2013-02-10

  ADDED: Merged autodiscover tests from django-modeltranslation-wrapper.
  ADDED: Rewrite method to MultilingualManager and optimized create.

  FIXED: grouped_translations are computed twice in tabbed translations.
         (thanks to Wojtek Ruszczewski,
          resolves issue #135)
  FIXED: CSS classes in tabbed translation fields when fieldname has a leading
         (thanks to Wojtek Ruszczewski,
          resolves issue #134)
  FIXED: Rewriting of descending ('-' prefixed) ordering fields in
         (thanks to Wojtek Ruszczewski,
          resolves issue #133)
  FIXED: Download url in
         (thanks to Benoît Bryon,
          resolves issue #130)
  FIXED: The update_translation_fields management command does nothing.
         (resolves issue #123)
  FIXED: MultilingualQuerySet custom inheritance.

CHANGED: Don't raise an exception if TranslationField is accessed via class
         to allow descriptor introspection.
         (resolves issue #131)

Date: 2013-01-07
Packaged from revision da928dd431fcf112e2e9c4c154c5b69e7dadc3b3.

  ADDED: Possibility to turn off query rewriting in MultilingualManager.
         (thanks to Jacek Tomaszewski)

  FIXED: Fixed update_translation_fields management command.
         (thanks to Jacek Tomaszewski,
          resolves issues #123 and #124)

CHANGED: Major test refactoring.
         (thanks to Jacek Tomaszewski,
          resolves issues #100 and #119)

Date: 2012-12-05
Packaged from revision da4aeba0ea20ddbee67aa49bc90af507997ac386.

  ADDED: Increased the number of supported fields. Essentially all Django
         model fields and subclasses of them should work, except related
         fields (ForeignKey, ManyToManyField, OneToOneField) and AutoField
         which are not supported.
  ADDED: A subclass of TranslationOptions inherits fields from its bases.
         (thanks to Bruno Tavares and Jacek Tomaszewski,
          resolves issue #110)
  ADDED: Support for fallback languages. Allows fine grained configuration
         through project settings and TranslationOptions on model basis.
         (thanks to Jacek Tomaszewski,
          resolves issue #104)
  ADDED: Multilingual manager which is aware of the current language.
         (thanks to Jacek Tomaszewski,
          resolves issues #45, #78 and #84)

CHANGED: Version code to use a PEP386 compliant version number.
CHANGED: Constructor rewrites fields to be language aware.
         (thanks to Jacek Tomaszewski,
          resolves issues #33 and #58)

  FIXED: Lacking support for readonly_fields in TranslationAdmin.
         (thanks to sbrandtb,
          resolves issue #111)
  FIXED: Model's db_column option is not applied to the translation field.
         (resolves issue #83)
  FIXED: Admin prevents saving a cleared field. The fix deactivates rule3 and
         implies the new language aware manager and constructor rewrite.
         (resolves issue #85)

Date: 2012-11-13
Packaged from revision d9bf9709e9647fb2af51fc559bbe356010bd51ca.

  FIXED: Pypi wants to install beta version. Happened because pypi treats
         0.4.0-beta2 as latest release. This also effectively resulted in a
         downgrade when using 'pip --upgrade' and 0.4.0 was already installed.
         (thanks to jmagnusson for the report,
          resolves issue #103)

Date: 2012-11-11
Packaged from revision c44f9cfee59f1b440f022422f917f247e16bbc6b.

CHANGED: Refactored tests to allow test runs with other apps. Includes a
         "backport" of override_settings to ensure Django 1.3 support.
         (thanks to Jacek Tomaszewski)
CHANGED: Modeltranslation related css class prefix to 'mt'.

  FIXED: Race condition during initialization.
         (resolves issue #91)
  FIXED: Tabs don't properly support two-part language codes.
         (resolves issue #63)

Date: 2012-10-17
Packaged from revision 7b8cafbde7b14afc8e85235e9b087889a6bfa86e.

  FIXED: Release doesn't include rst files.

Date: 2012-10-17
Packaged from revision 09a0c4434a676c6fd753e6dcde95056c424db62e.

CHANGED: Refactored documentation using sphinx.
         (resolves issue #81)

         (resolves issue #86)

Date: 2012-10-12
Packaged from revision 170.

  ADDED: Support for FileField and ImageField.
         (thanks to Bruno Tavares,
          resolves issue #30)
  ADDED: New management command sync_database_fields to sync the database after
         a new model has been registered or a new language has been added.
         (thanks to Sébastien Fievet and the authors of django-transmeta,
          resolves issue #62)

CHANGED: Excluded tabular inlines from jQuery tabs, as they are currently
         not supported.
CHANGED: Use app-level translation files in favour of a single project-level
         one. Adds an autoregister feature similiar to the one provided by
         Django's admin. A new setting MODELTRANSLATION_TRANSLATION_FILES keeps
         backwards compatibility with older versions. See documentation for
         details. This is basically a merge from both
         django-modeltranslation-wrapper and hyperweek's branch at github.
         (thanks to Jacek Tomaszewski, Sébastien Fievet and Maxime Haineault,
          resolves issues #19, #58 and #71)
CHANGED: Moved tests to separate folder and added tests for TranslationAdmin.
         To run the tests the settings provided in model.tests.modeltranslation
         have to be used (settings.LANGUAGES override doesn't work for
CHANGED: Major refactoring of the admin integration. Subclassed BaseModelAdmin
         and InlineModelAdmin. Patching options in init doesn't seem to be
         thread safe. Instead used provided hooks like get_form, get_formset
         and get_fieldsets. This should resolve several problems with the
         exclude and fieldsets options and properly support options in inlines.
         (resolves issue #72)

  FIXED: Non-unicode verbose field names showing up empty in forms.
         (resolves issue #35)
  FIXED: Dynamic TranslationOptions model name.
  FIXED: Widgets for translated fields are not properly copied from original
         (thanks to boris-chervenkov, resolves issue #74)
  FIXED: Removed XMLField test which is deprecated since Django 1.3 and
         broke tests in Django 1.4.
         (resolves issue #75)

Date: 2012-02-23
Packaged from revision 129.

CHANGED: jQuery search path in tabbed_translation_fields.js. This allows use of
         a version of jQuery other than the one provided by Django. Users who
         want to force the use of Django's jQuery can include force_jquery.js.

  FIXED: Another attempt to include static files during installation.
         (resolves reopened issue #61)

Date: 2011-06-16
Packaged from revision 122.

  FIXED: Static files not included during installation.
         (resolves issue #61)

Date: 2011-06-07
Packaged from revision 121.

CHANGED: Renamed media folder to static.

Date: 2011-06-03
Packaged from revision 113.

  ADDED: Support for multi-table inheritance.
         (thanks to Sébastien Fievet, resolves issues #50 and #51)
  ADDED: Jquery-ui based admin support for tabbed translation fields.
         (thanks to jaap and adamsc, resolves issue #39)
  ADDED: CSS class to identify a translation field and the default translation
         field in admin.
         (thanks to jaap)
  ADDED: Configurable default value per field instance.
         (thanks to bmihelac, resolves issue #28)
  ADDED: Setting to override the default language.
         (thanks to jaap, resolves issue #2)

CHANGED: Improved performance of update_translation_fields command.
         (thanks to adamsc, resolves issue #43)
CHANGED: Factored out settings into a separate and consistently
         used an app specific settings prefix.
CHANGED: Refactored creation of translation fields and added handling of
         supported fields.
         (resolves issue #37)

  FIXED: Clearing the default translation field in admin does not clear the
         original field.
         (resolves issue #47)
  FIXED: In some setups appears "This field is required" error for the
         original field.
         (resolves issue #5)
  FIXED: Translations are not saved for tinymce HTMLField when using jquery
         (thanks to kottenator, resolves issue #41)
  FIXED: Fieldname isn't ensured to be string.
         (resolves issue #41)
  FIXED: Kept backwards compatibility with Django-1.0.
         (thanks to jaap, resolves issue #34)
  FIXED: Regression in south_field_triple caused by r55.
         (thanks to jaap, resolves issue #29)
  FIXED: TranslationField pre_save does not get the default language
         (thanks to jaap, resolves issue #31)

Date: 2010-06-15
Packaged from revision 57.

  ADDED: Support for admin prepopulated_fields.
         (resolves issue #21)
  ADDED: Support for admin list_editable.
         (thanks carl.j.meyer, resolves issue #20)
  ADDED: Preserve the formfield widget of the translated field.
         (thanks piquadrat)
  ADDED: Initial support for django-south.
         (thanks andrewgodwin, resolves issue #11)
  ADDED: Support for admin inlines, common and generic.
         (resolves issue #12 and issue #18)

  FIXED: Admin form validation errors with empty translated values and
         (thanks to adamsc, resolves issue #26)
  FIXED: Mangling of untranslated prepopulated fields.
         (thanks to carl.j.meyer, resolves issue #25)
  FIXED: Verbose names of translated fields are not translated.
         (thanks to carl.j.meyer, resolves issue #24)
  FIXED: Race condition between model import and translation registration in
         production by ensuring that models are registered for translation
         before TranslationAdmin runs.
         (thanks to carl.j.meyer, resolves issue #19)
  FIXED: Added workaround for swallowed ImportErrors by printing a traceback
         (resolves issue #17)
  FIXED: Only print debug statements to stdout if the runserver or
         runserver_plus management commands are used.
         (resolves issue #16)
  FIXED: Removed print statements so that modeltranslation is usable with
         (resolves issue #7)
  FIXED: Broken admin fields and fieldsets.
         (thanks simoncelen, resolves issue #9)
  FIXED: Creation of db fields with invalid python language code.
         (resolves issue #4)
  FIXED: Tests to run from any project.
         (thanks carl.j.meyer, resolves issue #6)
  FIXED: Removed unused dependency to content type which can break syncdb.
         (thanks carl.j.meyer, resolves issue #1)

Date: 2009-02-22
Initial release packaged from revision 19.