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On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. I’m sole maintainer of this project staying in safe place, but i don’t know how long it would be safe.

Russian military shelling our cities, targeting civilian population.

Help Ukraine:

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The modeltranslation application is used to translate dynamic content of existing Django models to an arbitrary number of languages without having to change the original model classes. It uses a registration approach (comparable to Django’s admin app) to be able to add translations to existing or new projects and is fully integrated into the Django admin backend.

The advantage of a registration approach is the ability to add translations to models on a per-app basis. You can use the same app in different projects, may they use translations or not, and you never have to touch the original model class.


  • Add translations without changing existing models or views
  • Translation fields are stored in the same table (no expensive joins)
  • Supports inherited models (abstract and multi-table inheritance)
  • Handle more than just text fields
  • Django admin integration
  • Flexible fallbacks, auto-population and more!

For the latest documentation, visit https://django-modeltranslation.readthedocs.io/en/latest/.


Core Committers


  • Carl J. Meyer
  • Jaap Roes
  • Bojan Mihelac
  • Sébastien Fievet
  • Bruno Tavares
  • Zach Mathew (of django-linguo, initial author of MultilingualManager)
  • Mihai Sucan
  • Benoît Bryon
  • Wojtek Ruszczewski
  • Chris Adams
  • Dominique Lederer
  • Braden MacDonald
  • Karol Fuksiewicz
  • Konrad Wojas
  • Bas Peschier
  • Oleg Prans
  • Francesc Arpí Roca
  • Mathieu Leplatre
  • Thom Wiggers
  • Warnar Boekkooi
  • Alex Marandon
  • Fabio Caccamo
  • Vladimir Sinitsin
  • Luca Corti
  • Morgan Aubert
  • Mathias Ettinger
  • Daniel Loeb
  • Stephen McDonald
  • Lukas Lundgren
  • zenoamaro
  • oliphunt
  • Venelin Stoykov
  • Stratos Moros
  • Benjamin Toueg
  • Emilie Zawadzki
  • Virgílio N Santos
  • PetrDlouhy
  • dmarcelino
  • GreyZmeem
  • And many more … (if you miss your name here, please let us know!)